New Semester

Every break, boredom has gotten the best of me and has resulted in fruitless unproductiveness and . I guess this is what I had in mind when I planned my schedule out to be 15 hours – with about 3 mandatory discussion sections – and set ambitious goals of community service and extracurricular involvement. The latter has yet to be made time for and it’s only been my second week back on campus. Because so far, the only excitement I feel is from catching up on TV shows in those short momentous “study breaks.”

Despite the massive load of work, impending deadlines, and nearing tests, I’m aiming to be as positive as I can and use “word hard, play hard” as an actual mantra to do well this semester. Overall, I’m really happy with my course selection and the diverse knowledge each class has to offer. When you choose something that motivates you, pushes you, and challenges your perspective, you start to see a bigger picture. (This in no way involves Chemistry and Biology aka the two subjects I endure through in pain)

The classes I’m genuinely excited for: My UGS (Spain on the Red Carpet), Intro to Architecture, and Improvisational Dance

My UGS: For this class, every Wednesday, we meet up in our discussion section and watch a movie with either Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, or Javier Bardem. It’s about the spanish culture and how characters of spanish heritage are portrayed in cinematic films. It is a writing intensive course, but hey, if I get to watch movies out of it with hunky actors then I’m game.

Intro to Architecture: A friend of mine took this class last semester and told me how brilliant Professor Larry Speck was. He not only graduated from M.I.T. ,but helped design the terminal at the AUS Airport along with various buildings downtown. Though I’ve only been to that class four times, I’m already sold on architecture. It is what essentially causes us to be the way we are. Our home has as much of an effect on us as our environment. I just find it so fascinating how these buildings are constructed and articulately planned with the most minute details -both functional and aesthetic- in mind. I honestly believe that everyone should take this class before graduating UT. His lectures are so interesting and the real life examples he presents through anecdotes really help form a connection to the points he’s making and tie you in to architecture. You’ll never be able to look at a building the same kind of way again.

Improvisational Dance: Okay honestly, this class is a little bit bizarre in the movements and things we have to do. It involves stretching, jumping around all over the place, acting like animals, and just being really fluid and creative in your movements. It’s a nice workout in between classes and if it’ll help me get my GPA up, I’m happy. (Note: Improv Dance is not a fun class to take with a sprained ankle)

All in all, I’m just trying to solve the daily conundrums and take in every day like a breath of fresh air. Peace, love, and namaste, for every day is a brand new day.

XOXO, Juhi.


Just Something

My Chemistry professor has this weekly routine of posting what he calls “Random Musings,” which are composed of weekly thoughts, updates, helpful hints, lots of sarcasm, and humorous poetry. To start off the semester and transition into the obvious aura of love in the air (with Valentines Day coming), this weeks piece was directed toward that, and it really got me thinking about V-day.

When you’re single, a part of you is kind of bitter about the “holiday.” I mean c’mon, admit it, some part of you is jealous that other girls are being showered with gifts, love and adoration. But for me, it just stops right there. I believe that there’s literally no point in being jealous of someone’s happiness. Don’t go counting someone else’s blessings and looking down on yours. Instead, just be happy for them because your time will come. I admire those friends that are in love and have truly found someone to share special moments with. It’s sweet and makes me believe that there is a possibility of there being that kind of kindness and true love in the world.

I used to be so hung up in the past over not having a valentine, date, or a boyfriend, but over time I’ve learned just how ridiculous I was about these things. There’s really so much out there in life to experience, and to be hung up over something so simple as being single isn’t very logical. I don’t just want to date anyone, be with anyone, and make memories with just anyone. It has to all be special with the person whom I feel a close affinity to – the right someone. Coming into college, every one here has this idea of “non-commitment” and “flings” and I mean I get the reasoning behind that: many people don’t want to be tied down as a Freshmen. So until my time comes, I’m not going to sweat it. One day, the right person will come along and everything will feel so great.

2014 Resolutions

This is a previous post, I had posted on my old blogger blog. But, I felt it would be a positive post to add onto here for my first post.

2013 was the greatest year in my 18 years of existence. I came out of high school knowing myself, embraced the things I learned, and learned to form close friendships. I started college being a wee little Freshmen again and it’s unbelievable how many friendships, experiences, and the knowledge I engrossed in such a short amount of time. I finally learned what it truly felt like to feel like you’ve known someone your whole life. I became best friends with my roommates, became close to my Twitter friends (in real life) and developed meaningful connections that’ll help my years at UT go by smoothly.  Most of all, being an only child, I began a new journey living on my own without my parents. Through this independence, I grew more as a student, a daughter, and a person.
 Every year, I have made this list of resolutions that have been more like motivational quotes for myself to change and do better like “get better grades” or “be less judgmental.” It was always things I should do, but I knew that I would. I realized that I didn’t, however, need a list to remind myself to those things because I knew it would be instinctive in a way.
For 2014, to try something new, I want it to be a bucket list of things I want to accomplish, things that I actually can accomplish. They’re not trivial or all too difficult, just quirky and different.

36 Things to do in 2014

  • Accomplish a Pintrest DIY project
  • Read the 50 shades of Gray Trilogy
  • Join the University Fashion Group  (Sadly, it wasn’t for me)
  • Go out of the country
  • Decorate my apartment Tumblr style (yes, with the lights and all)
  • Go somewhere for Spring Break
  • Eat a whole jar of Nutella in one sitting
  • Fit working out into my daily routine (maybe even get abs)
  • Ombre my hair check.
  • Stay lean, stay healthy all year round
  • DO HOT YOGA (or some form of it, doesn’t even have to be hot)
  • Volunteer more in clubs and around the community
  • Buy or give a homeless person some food
  • Hug at least one person a day
  • “TREAT YO SELF” – Tom Haverford.Go to the movies, do some shopping, and then grab a bite to eat.
  • Do something spontaneous and out of the blue
  • Plan a surprise party for someone
  • Try a new type of ethnic food
  • Do Karaoke
  • Run/Jog/Walk a marathon
  • Have a classic all out, movie style, SLUMBER PARTY!
  • Go to more concerts
  • Learn how to drive
  • Spend a whole day in SoCo
  • Document every memory, every moment
  • Find the perfect little black dress and OWN IT
  • Go skydiving
  • Give flowers to a stranger
  • Make more people’s day more often
  • Serve food at a soup kitchen
  • Hang out at a Hookah bar
  • Square dance at Midnight Rodeo
  • Participate in the Color Run
  • Spend more days at Mozart Cafe
  • Watch the sunset at Mount Bonnell
  • Try out more stuff from the Starbucks Secret Menus
  • Play in the rain


I finished this Korean drama, Heirs, that I’ve been watching for a few weeks now. And it was really nice despite the dramatic-ness. It made me want to be a better version of myself, to stay kind and honest, humble. It’s better to not waste time getting revenge for petty things, and move forward to make way for brighter moments and bigger changes.
 Someday, I want to be a good mother, a better daughter, an earnest friend, and a dedicated wife. I want to be positive from here on out and kind. I hope to someday embody all the good things I’ve learned from the people I’ve known and the things I’ve seen to be “the best version of my    self” possible. I’ve made a few mistakes down the road, but they’ve helped me realize the person I am and who I’m not.

     A couple of things Heirs taught me

     Everything that glitters isn’t always gold 
  • We are quick to judge people based off of clothes, personalities, and lifestyles; however, we can never really know the troubles they are enduring. For example, some celebrities don’t have the perfect life they appear to show. Sometimes, it’s just a facade to hide the truth. Moral? Everyone is going through their own kind of hell.

        If you love someone, show it 

  • In the show, the main character, Kim Tan, worked endlessly to show his feelings. He was man enough not to care what people thought of him. Why? Because he knew what he wanted. Even to those that hated him, he treated them with kindness and sincerity. Even with his enemies, he was civil and mature. He fought his battles with determination and reason. 

         Stand up for yourself 

  • No one else is going to do it for you and you can’t let someone beat you down. You can turn the other cheek, but when it comes time, speak up. 

        The world is a barter system 

  • If you do something for someone, they’ll do the same. Whether it be business, school, jobs, or even friendship. It can be reciprocated in help, friendship, or love. If you care for someone, they’ll eventually care for you. If you help someone in need, they’ll do the same. 

        Take responsibility for your actions 

  • It takes a lot of guts to muster up the courage to be responsible, but it’s worth it. Own up to your mistakes and apologize when you should. Arrogance doesn’t get you anywhere. It’ll get you power, but not love or respect. 

        Be prepared to make sacrifices in life 

  • You have to give up something to get something. In the show, the older brother selflessly gives up someone very dear to him for the welfare of his family and company. Sacrifices aren’t meant to be easy. They are, however, meant to make you more determined to get what you want. What you want may not always be what you need.  Do what’s in your best interests. 

           Your choices affect those around you

  • Your family and friends are tied to you. Don’t choose a path that causes others to suffer. Don’t make choices that hurt those around you. In the long run, it may seem childish and silly, but you should always think of the consequences of your actions. 

          Forgive and let the past be in the past 

  • Don’t let what happened in the past with someone keep you from moving forward. Change your perspective, change your attitude, and forgive. Never let ignorance and arrogance get the best of you. Letting go is easier than keeping things bottled up and grieving for them years later. 

         Love = understanding

  • Love is when you feel the other person’s pain. You understand them and support them. It’s never giving up on each other, maintaining hope, and establishing trust. When someone else’s happiness is yours, and you feel sadness in their despair, that’s love. It’s when you’ll do anything for someone, no questions asked, selflessly out love. Chasing after or coveting what’s someone else’s won’t bring you happiness. So, it’s best to give them your blessings and move on.
     “Love is patient, love is kind.”


My Guilty Pleasure: Korean Dramas

I haven’t watched a K-drama since almost a year now, so it took me a while to get back into the gist of reading the subtitles on the screen. But honestly you guys, I love watching them even though I don’t know what they’re saying half the time.
It’s the stories that do it for me. I’m a total hopeless romantic at heart! Korean dramas show the drama and craziness leading up to falling in love. Whereas, American shows jump right into falling in love and the physical stuff. K-dramas aren’t about the physical stuff – they’re about love itself and family values. They are sweet, funny, heart-warming, and even tear jerking at times.
Maybe it’s just me, but I get really caught up in the story and characters.
Almost every K-drama I’ve seen involves a girl that fights for what she wants and is crazy determined. Because of her unique personality, guys easily fall for her. And it always ends being two guys fighting for her affection. But aside from that, there’s the family drama (or lack of it), social class gap drama, or just plain stubbornness on the girl/guys part.
The girl is able to change these guys for the better, and that’s how you see them grow together and fall for each other. And I dunno, I eat that cheesy stuff up. Everything in the drama is in a way is what I want. The guys are so perfect, always changing because of the girl. And, the main girls, I can see why the guys fall for them. They’re so determined, kind, and faithful. I idolize that. 
So yeah, that’s my little spiel on these shows. I’m currently watching this lovely show with the most beautiful Asian man ever born, Lee Min Ho, called The Heirs.
XO, Juhi