Almost is never enough

I’ve always heard that heartbreak is terrible growing up, but I never thought that I’d feel it this fast and this little into college. I guess when I fell, I fell hard. Fast, unrelenting, and whole-heartedly. Because my feelings were strong, and still are. And though those words felt like it was the same way around, maybe…this week has made me realize how I should have taken them with a grain of salt.

I’ve come to learn five lessons from this.

  • One: it’s good to keep your guard up, so you don’t get hurt. When there are so many fish in the sea, you can’t expect guys to get tied down as Freshmen. They aren’t entirely to blame because the idea of being away from home with so many options and peer pressure from friends.  Commitment is something that takes a lot of guts and for some boys, it’s going to take a few years or semesters for them to realize they need to get serious. And that’s completely fine, every man to himself. But just that’s just not what I need right now.
  • Two: you can’t make someone love you, no matter how much they say they “like” you. If they can’t own up to their feelings for you because they’re gonna mess around, then it’s better to move on. Because chances are they “like” everyone else too.
  • Three: Enjoy yourself, your time, and your moments to the best of your ability. The more time you spend thinking about things, the less you will be able to move forward; So go ahead and make memories with those close to you, laugh, cry, and clear your mind and soul.
  • Four: Just because it doesn’t work out with one person, does not mean it won’t work out with anyone. You don’t need someone to make you happy, feel better, or give you comfort. If you’re meant to be with someone, you’ll find them along the way; Just be patient, until then…go with the flow.
  • Five: As Nike once said, “Just do it.” Say what you feel, and do what you want. Keep yourself busy doing the things you love, focus on your goals and dreams, and making the best of yourself and life.

A friend of mine told me that a girl’s life is like a cake. You build the layers with all this effort and then you work on making it pretty. The toppings and decoration come later after you have built a stable foundation. Guys and love are the toppings, and they’ll come along the way, but first you need to focus on making your life great and amazing by focusing on yourself and your dreams. Make the best of yourself, and things will end up working out.

With that said, it’s been a great spring break, and I don’t wanna go to back to tirelessly working. Here is wishing you guys all the best for the upcoming week.

XO, Juhi


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