With the new semester hovering above us, there’s excitement, fear, stress, and relief all around us. Just four weeks into school and classes have already started getting tough (midterms and all.) But thankfully, Mother Nature has been blessing us with “snow days” which although have shown no promising signs of snow, have saved us from enduring through classes, taking tests, and catching up on sleep. I don’t know if the next following years will have days like these, but I certainly feel pretty freaking blessed right now. (inserts emoji with the hands and the little light coming out at the top) 

On that note, I’d just like to say that I had been cramming all week for my Biology test tomorrow with less than four hours of sleep a day, but now that school is delayed until 12 (my class is an 8 a.m.), I feel GREAAAAAAT. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to contemplate all the ways I can procrastinate now in celebration. 



XO, Juhi. 


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