New Semester

Every break, boredom has gotten the best of me and has resulted in fruitless unproductiveness and . I guess this is what I had in mind when I planned my schedule out to be 15 hours – with about 3 mandatory discussion sections – and set ambitious goals of community service and extracurricular involvement. The latter has yet to be made time for and it’s only been my second week back on campus. Because so far, the only excitement I feel is from catching up on TV shows in those short momentous “study breaks.”

Despite the massive load of work, impending deadlines, and nearing tests, I’m aiming to be as positive as I can and use “word hard, play hard” as an actual mantra to do well this semester. Overall, I’m really happy with my course selection and the diverse knowledge each class has to offer. When you choose something that motivates you, pushes you, and challenges your perspective, you start to see a bigger picture. (This in no way involves Chemistry and Biology aka the two subjects I endure through in pain)

The classes I’m genuinely excited for: My UGS (Spain on the Red Carpet), Intro to Architecture, and Improvisational Dance

My UGS: For this class, every Wednesday, we meet up in our discussion section and watch a movie with either Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, or Javier Bardem. It’s about the spanish culture and how characters of spanish heritage are portrayed in cinematic films. It is a writing intensive course, but hey, if I get to watch movies out of it with hunky actors then I’m game.

Intro to Architecture: A friend of mine took this class last semester and told me how brilliant Professor Larry Speck was. He not only graduated from M.I.T. ,but helped design the terminal at the AUS Airport along with various buildings downtown. Though I’ve only been to that class four times, I’m already sold on architecture. It is what essentially causes us to be the way we are. Our home has as much of an effect on us as our environment. I just find it so fascinating how these buildings are constructed and articulately planned with the most minute details -both functional and aesthetic- in mind. I honestly believe that everyone should take this class before graduating UT. His lectures are so interesting and the real life examples he presents through anecdotes really help form a connection to the points he’s making and tie you in to architecture. You’ll never be able to look at a building the same kind of way again.

Improvisational Dance: Okay honestly, this class is a little bit bizarre in the movements and things we have to do. It involves stretching, jumping around all over the place, acting like animals, and just being really fluid and creative in your movements. It’s a nice workout in between classes and if it’ll help me get my GPA up, I’m happy. (Note: Improv Dance is not a fun class to take with a sprained ankle)

All in all, I’m just trying to solve the daily conundrums and take in every day like a breath of fresh air. Peace, love, and namaste, for every day is a brand new day.

XOXO, Juhi.


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