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My Chemistry professor has this weekly routine of posting what he calls “Random Musings,” which are composed of weekly thoughts, updates, helpful hints, lots of sarcasm, and humorous poetry. To start off the semester and transition into the obvious aura of love in the air (with Valentines Day coming), this weeks piece was directed toward that, and it really got me thinking about V-day.

When you’re single, a part of you is kind of bitter about the “holiday.” I mean c’mon, admit it, some part of you is jealous that other girls are being showered with gifts, love and adoration. But for me, it just stops right there. I believe that there’s literally no point in being jealous of someone’s happiness. Don’t go counting someone else’s blessings and looking down on yours. Instead, just be happy for them because your time will come. I admire those friends that are in love and have truly found someone to share special moments with. It’s sweet and makes me believe that there is a possibility of there being that kind of kindness and true love in the world.

I used to be so hung up in the past over not having a valentine, date, or a boyfriend, but over time I’ve learned just how ridiculous I was about these things. There’s really so much out there in life to experience, and to be hung up over something so simple as being single isn’t very logical. I don’t just want to date anyone, be with anyone, and make memories with just anyone. It has to all be special with the person whom I feel a close affinity to – the right someone. Coming into college, every one here has this idea of “non-commitment” and “flings” and I mean I get the reasoning behind that: many people don’t want to be tied down as a Freshmen. So until my time comes, I’m not going to sweat it. One day, the right person will come along and everything will feel so great.


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