2014 Resolutions

This is a previous post, I had posted on my old blogger blog. But, I felt it would be a positive post to add onto here for my first post.

2013 was the greatest year in my 18 years of existence. I came out of high school knowing myself, embraced the things I learned, and learned to form close friendships. I started college being a wee little Freshmen again and it’s unbelievable how many friendships, experiences, and the knowledge I engrossed in such a short amount of time. I finally learned what it truly felt like to feel like you’ve known someone your whole life. I became best friends with my roommates, became close to my Twitter friends (in real life) and developed meaningful connections that’ll help my years at UT go by smoothly.  Most of all, being an only child, I began a new journey living on my own without my parents. Through this independence, I grew more as a student, a daughter, and a person.
 Every year, I have made this list of resolutions that have been more like motivational quotes for myself to change and do better like “get better grades” or “be less judgmental.” It was always things I should do, but I knew that I would. I realized that I didn’t, however, need a list to remind myself to those things because I knew it would be instinctive in a way.
For 2014, to try something new, I want it to be a bucket list of things I want to accomplish, things that I actually can accomplish. They’re not trivial or all too difficult, just quirky and different.

36 Things to do in 2014

  • Accomplish a Pintrest DIY project
  • Read the 50 shades of Gray Trilogy
  • Join the University Fashion Group  (Sadly, it wasn’t for me)
  • Go out of the country
  • Decorate my apartment Tumblr style (yes, with the lights and all)
  • Go somewhere for Spring Break
  • Eat a whole jar of Nutella in one sitting
  • Fit working out into my daily routine (maybe even get abs)
  • Ombre my hair check.
  • Stay lean, stay healthy all year round
  • DO HOT YOGA (or some form of it, doesn’t even have to be hot)
  • Volunteer more in clubs and around the community
  • Buy or give a homeless person some food
  • Hug at least one person a day
  • “TREAT YO SELF” – Tom Haverford.Go to the movies, do some shopping, and then grab a bite to eat.
  • Do something spontaneous and out of the blue
  • Plan a surprise party for someone
  • Try a new type of ethnic food
  • Do Karaoke
  • Run/Jog/Walk a marathon
  • Have a classic all out, movie style, SLUMBER PARTY!
  • Go to more concerts
  • Learn how to drive
  • Spend a whole day in SoCo
  • Document every memory, every moment
  • Find the perfect little black dress and OWN IT
  • Go skydiving
  • Give flowers to a stranger
  • Make more people’s day more often
  • Serve food at a soup kitchen
  • Hang out at a Hookah bar
  • Square dance at Midnight Rodeo
  • Participate in the Color Run
  • Spend more days at Mozart Cafe
  • Watch the sunset at Mount Bonnell
  • Try out more stuff from the Starbucks Secret Menus
  • Play in the rain

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