I finished this Korean drama, Heirs, that I’ve been watching for a few weeks now. And it was really nice despite the dramatic-ness. It made me want to be a better version of myself, to stay kind and honest, humble. It’s better to not waste time getting revenge for petty things, and move forward to make way for brighter moments and bigger changes.
 Someday, I want to be a good mother, a better daughter, an earnest friend, and a dedicated wife. I want to be positive from here on out and kind. I hope to someday embody all the good things I’ve learned from the people I’ve known and the things I’ve seen to be “the best version of my    self” possible. I’ve made a few mistakes down the road, but they’ve helped me realize the person I am and who I’m not.

     A couple of things Heirs taught me

     Everything that glitters isn’t always gold 
  • We are quick to judge people based off of clothes, personalities, and lifestyles; however, we can never really know the troubles they are enduring. For example, some celebrities don’t have the perfect life they appear to show. Sometimes, it’s just a facade to hide the truth. Moral? Everyone is going through their own kind of hell.

        If you love someone, show it 

  • In the show, the main character, Kim Tan, worked endlessly to show his feelings. He was man enough not to care what people thought of him. Why? Because he knew what he wanted. Even to those that hated him, he treated them with kindness and sincerity. Even with his enemies, he was civil and mature. He fought his battles with determination and reason. 

         Stand up for yourself 

  • No one else is going to do it for you and you can’t let someone beat you down. You can turn the other cheek, but when it comes time, speak up. 

        The world is a barter system 

  • If you do something for someone, they’ll do the same. Whether it be business, school, jobs, or even friendship. It can be reciprocated in help, friendship, or love. If you care for someone, they’ll eventually care for you. If you help someone in need, they’ll do the same. 

        Take responsibility for your actions 

  • It takes a lot of guts to muster up the courage to be responsible, but it’s worth it. Own up to your mistakes and apologize when you should. Arrogance doesn’t get you anywhere. It’ll get you power, but not love or respect. 

        Be prepared to make sacrifices in life 

  • You have to give up something to get something. In the show, the older brother selflessly gives up someone very dear to him for the welfare of his family and company. Sacrifices aren’t meant to be easy. They are, however, meant to make you more determined to get what you want. What you want may not always be what you need.  Do what’s in your best interests. 

           Your choices affect those around you

  • Your family and friends are tied to you. Don’t choose a path that causes others to suffer. Don’t make choices that hurt those around you. In the long run, it may seem childish and silly, but you should always think of the consequences of your actions. 

          Forgive and let the past be in the past 

  • Don’t let what happened in the past with someone keep you from moving forward. Change your perspective, change your attitude, and forgive. Never let ignorance and arrogance get the best of you. Letting go is easier than keeping things bottled up and grieving for them years later. 

         Love = understanding

  • Love is when you feel the other person’s pain. You understand them and support them. It’s never giving up on each other, maintaining hope, and establishing trust. When someone else’s happiness is yours, and you feel sadness in their despair, that’s love. It’s when you’ll do anything for someone, no questions asked, selflessly out love. Chasing after or coveting what’s someone else’s won’t bring you happiness. So, it’s best to give them your blessings and move on.
     “Love is patient, love is kind.”



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