My Guilty Pleasure: Korean Dramas

I haven’t watched a K-drama since almost a year now, so it took me a while to get back into the gist of reading the subtitles on the screen. But honestly you guys, I love watching them even though I don’t know what they’re saying half the time.
It’s the stories that do it for me. I’m a total hopeless romantic at heart! Korean dramas show the drama and craziness leading up to falling in love. Whereas, American shows jump right into falling in love and the physical stuff. K-dramas aren’t about the physical stuff – they’re about love itself and family values. They are sweet, funny, heart-warming, and even tear jerking at times.
Maybe it’s just me, but I get really caught up in the story and characters.
Almost every K-drama I’ve seen involves a girl that fights for what she wants and is crazy determined. Because of her unique personality, guys easily fall for her. And it always ends being two guys fighting for her affection. But aside from that, there’s the family drama (or lack of it), social class gap drama, or just plain stubbornness on the girl/guys part.
The girl is able to change these guys for the better, and that’s how you see them grow together and fall for each other. And I dunno, I eat that cheesy stuff up. Everything in the drama is in a way is what I want. The guys are so perfect, always changing because of the girl. And, the main girls, I can see why the guys fall for them. They’re so determined, kind, and faithful. I idolize that. 
So yeah, that’s my little spiel on these shows. I’m currently watching this lovely show with the most beautiful Asian man ever born, Lee Min Ho, called The Heirs.
XO, Juhi 

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