2017 – small steps towards a big change

  1. IMG_8769.JPG.jpegTime to Save Up Life moves fast and yesterday turns into two years, and tomorrow turns into today. Adulthood is scary, but sooner or later you have to grow out of the protection that your parents raised you on. You’ll start to realize that even with all the comfort, you want your independence. So if you constantly feel broke, start to save up. Help the future you out should you ever need the emergency funds by saving a small amount every day. Get a side job, or something that will help you get that extra cash so you’re not breaking the bank.
  2. Live healthier There are a thousand billion trillion diets out there (many of them being fad ones) so find one that works for you. Do it because YOU want to make a change not because you saw your favorite blogger or model do it. What works for someone else might not always work for you. Work out in moderation, a little by little. If you want abs, you’re gonna have to work for them. Progress leads you towards perfection.
  3. Stop Chasing and focus on things that actually matter relationships will come and go. And that’s very hard to say, but it is true. The cute boy/girl  you think is cute right now might not be the same person 10 years from now. You don’t want to regret missing out on opportunities that will benefit your future just because you spent time worrying about a guy/girl who was a) talking to other people b) dating someone c) didn’t even knew you existed. It’s just not worth it.
  4. Talk less, listen more Get to know people more and hear them out, instead of interrupting or jumping into the conversation. Even if you disagree with what the other person is saying, show them your respect by letting their voice being heard. It’s something that we as humans want and appreciate. You should be able to do the same if you expect to receive it. Ask about their day, continuously get to know them better, so they know that you are there for venting/support. Be more active in the lives of those around you rather than taking them for granted.
  5. Get some fresh air Being a homebody is a good thing, but exploring the world around you is even better. Take advantage of the season by going to a coffeeshop to study, invite friends, go for a hike or a jog, take the bus to go grocery shopping. Do things that will motivate you to go outside! Bask in the glory of the beautiful world God has created and live in the moment. Life is too short to stay in all the time no matter how comforting it is!
  6. Cook mas, takeout less. You heard me! Say byeee to Uber eats and Favor on those lazy nights and make something! It’s much more healthier and saves you that extra $20. Go on Pintrest, learn new recipes. Invite your friends over instead of going out to eat or maybe even have a potluck thing going on that makes them cook something cool too. Cook things you enjoy before than ordering takeout. But don’t get me wrong, a cheat meal is good once a week – there’s some REALLLY good food out there! My personal goal is to learn at least 1-2 new recipes a week. Adulthood is gonna come knocking on your door realll quick so better get to it!
  7. Put down your phone Live in the moment. Not everything has to be documented on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. Focus on making memories that you’ll remember with your friends and family. Turn OFF the notifications and stop caring about checking for likes. Those are just numbers, don’t let that give your life validation. There are many brilliant and successful people in this world that are doing hella amazing things without even being on Instagram and they’re doing just fine.
  8. Read It used to be so much fun to read when I was younger (back in the good ol’ days.) Could not put down a book because I was so immersed in it and would even stay up to finish up the last few chapters, but now it’s replaced by Netflix. Reading makes us smarter, more knowledgeable, and adds to our vocabulary. Be grateful for the resources around you and take advantage of them.
  9. Pay attention to the news Become more involved in knowing what is happening in the world. Stay in touch with politics and make sure you’re keeping up with things that actually matter rather than just the Kardashians. It’s amazing to think that the things happening now will be in textbooks in the coming years.
  10. Take care of your skin 20s is where your need to start taking care of yourself. If you want to keep getting your Glow on, you need to maintain a daily routine by using the right products to fix problems early on whether it be anti-aging, acne, oiliness, etc. Trust me, not only will this leave you feeling refreshed, but you will feel more positive not having to worry about those things later on in life if you start now. So give your skin some major TLC!
  11. Pick up a random hobby Do something you’ve always wanted to try and stick to it. Consistency is key. Whether it be going to hot yoga, spin, painting, learning how to swim, playing tennis, etc. Find something that puts your time to use and helps you pick up a new skill while having some fun.
  12. Drink less A beer or glass of wine here and there is alright, but keep the drinking to a minimum. Not only will your liver thank you, but you’ll feel so much more energetic and alert (*cough cough* and not hungover)
  13. Forgive and learn to own up to your mistakes In relationships – whether it be your significant other, friends, or family, you need to learn to accept your mistakes. Don’t be stubborn. Hear them out and apologize, even if you don’t feel at fault. Having an ego will only hurt you, not help the situation in any way.
  14. Reflect take the time to reflect once a week; Journal or meditate. Think about your progress, think about how you can be a positive influence. Be the person that people want to be around. Were you attentive? Did you make any mistakes? Think about how can you improve in the aspects of your life. Become more self-aware and in touch with your soul. The way in which you account for your actions now will become your principles for the future.
  15. Open up to different kinds of people surround yourself with lots of diverse people. Don’t surround yourself with people that the same as you. Let people challenge you, inspire you, and bring creativity and new ideas to your life. It will help to add a new perspectives and dynamic.
  16. Be valuable of your time Focus on your future and things of immediate importance first, even if that means giving up free time or not going to an event because you still have things to finish up. The fruits of your labor will pay off in the future.

    “Be willing to live a few years how most people won’t, so that you can live the rest of your life how most people can’t.” – Mastin Kipp

  17. Don’t be afraid to start over if you don’t like how you are now or don’t like the direction your life is going towards, don’t be afraid to scrap it all and start fresh. Work towards self-discovery and leading yourself towards the path you’re supposed to take. Figure out who you are, what makes you tick.
  18. Do things because you feel it’s right don’t be afraid to take a risk and go for the things you never mustered up the courage to do and be stuck thinking “what if..” But don’t do something just because society makes it alright or your friends do it. Do it because you truly want to.
  19. Be more positive Don’t compare yourself to others. Speak no evil. Stop letting negativity surround you or bring you down. Believe in your potential, and think of ways to uplift those around you. Instead of stressing, listen to your emotions and don’t over think things. Just do it. Count your blessings and eat your vitamins.

    “Better to lose count while naming your blessings than lose your count while naming your troubles” – Maltbie B. Babcock

  20. The law of attraction try to make good things happen by thinking about them more; Give attention to the things you want in life, and soon enough good things will come your way. Put your faith in the universe. To make an active change, you have to see things as you hope them to be, not as they are (forward thinking)

2016 – 21 Resolutions for the New Year

By December time, We are already dreaming about “changes” to be made, adventures to be undertaken, and resolutions to be accomplished. It feels like a tabla rusa, and you can just let by-gones be by-gones. Because at the start of the next year, the little things you were embarrassed about or the mistakes you made will turn into hazy past memory. For me, I can say it has been a beautiful year of ups and downs, but tremendous growth and for that, I am thankful.

Let’s get excited for this new year. Look forward to a new chapter in our lives and new stories to unravel. 2016 is a new empty canvas to paint your life on, so just start collecting the supplies.

For some, it might be the the toughest year – academically rigorous, physically draining, or maybe your job task is going to have work piling up. Whatever the reason may be, just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is up to you on how you want to go about taking strides.

Here are some resolutions that you might like:

  1. Commit to things and stick to them there might be many times where Netflix and Chill(ing with yourself) might be a better alternative than doing your laundry, homework, or anything that you want to put off. However, don’t let opportunities pass you by. Take control. Go for them, work for them, as hard as you possibly can. Netflix can wait, and so can that really exciting episode of Scandal.
  2. Have more faith in yourself and God There will be times when you feel so lost in yourself because everything is going wrong. But just know that God is there for you every step of the day. He is watching over, blessing you to become stronger for the days to come. Get your recognition from Him, and he’ll give you His.
  3. Give back We live in a world, where we are constantly focused on getting. Whether it be getting good grades, or getting a promotion. We are always constantly trying to seek our benefits, but that can be so vain to live like that. Try to give back more to the community, actually donate some change to the homeless, or volunteer more. Do good and feel good.
  4. Take negative people out of your life In real life, unlike Facebook, we can’t choose to filter out certain people. You might see them in your class, around friends, or in the same hot spots around town or campus. If you have that ex that only makes your hotline bling when he/she needs something, or that one-sided friendship in which you’re the only one putting in any effort), you shouldn’t feel required to continue try to salvage that. You don’t need to make a grand gesture to cut them off. Just start distancing yourself and soon the weight will just lift off. Once you stop making them a priority in your life, you’ll have time to worry about things that actually matter. Out of sight, out of mind.
  5. Start taking criticism and losses constructively Michael Jordan once said, “I have failed over and over in my life, and that is why I succeed.” Rejection sucks. I for one, have a hard time with it, it really bums me out. But honestly, it shouldn’t. We learn most by the mistakes we make. It is in our flaws we find solutions to our problems and ways to improve. Mistakes are inevitable and you can never fully plan out how things are going to end up. Take in your mistakes like a breath of fresh air and learn rebuild yourself from them. A Phoenix is able to rise again from its ashes, so grow from your failures.
  6. Study abroad, or get out of the country There’s a certain Je ne said quoi in traveling. Take his new year as a new opportunity to venture off into the unknown – go somewhere you have never been before, on a wim, take a risk and just do it. Traveling can be pricy and for those that are unable to, it doesn’t have to just be out of the country. Go on a road trip to a nearby state. Visit places in your city that you’ve never heard about. Camp. Opening yourself up to experiencing new things will really give your a better understanding of people and the world.
  7. Attend more festivals since my first music festival, Free Press Summer Fest in Houston, I have been hooked. I’ve lived in a city (Austin) that is thrives in Music, and everyday I feel #blessed. So I’m telling you to be free, go after your passions, explore, experience, create, enjoy your youth. This the youngest we will ever be so make the best of it! Even if you have to go alone, go for it. In life, there will be many times you won’t have someone to travel with or go to concerts with. Go because you want to.
  8. Get in the best shape of life Being in the best shape doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely skinny or super bodybuilder buff. It’s to where you feel happy, confident, and healthy.
  9. Stop hoarding onto old clothes and things There are probably clothes that you have held onto for years that you’ll probably never wear. Or those clothes you only buy for one occasion only to never re-wear. Luckily, there are many apps and online websites that make it easy for you to rid yourself of your past and make some cash while you’re at it. Just like this, any old possession of you that you don’t really need but have, get rid of it.
  10. Take more risks Do things that allure you and scare you at the same time. If you always stay well within the lines of your comfort zone, you’ll always be the same person. Allow for some malleability. It’s a beautiful world filled to crazy adventures to be taken and so much to learn. Liberate yourself by facing fears and trying new things! You’ll have so many stories from it.

    “Get outta yo mind” – Lil Jon

  11. Stick up for yourself No one is going to stick up for you forever. If someone is rude or hurtful to you, don’t just take it. Speak up in times when you’re treated poorly by someone.
  12. Forget comparisons We are constantly comparing ourselves to others whether it be our peers, colleges, or celebrities. Learn to embrace who you are and focus on yourself. We cannot prioritize others and what they think of us and let that guide our life. Someone is always going to be better than you, but learn be grateful for who you are and what you have. You have it a lot better than many other individuals.
  13. Listen to your gut If you get a bad feeling about a person, or going someplace you shouldn’t be going, listen to your gut because it’s usually always going to be right. If it feels like something’s off, then it probably is.
  14. Read Actually invest time in reading. Not just a magazine or your texts. But actually pick up a good book and let yourself get wrapped up in it. Immerse yourself in a vicarious adventure, and learn. They say knowledge is power and reading will probably do you more good than bad, just saying.
  15. Actually pay attention to politics They say ignorance is bliss, but not when it comes to knowing what is going on around you. Every citizen in this world counts. Educate yourself, learn the facts, and get involved in the discussions. This is our country.
  16. Learn to budget Save a bit of every paycheck that you have. Even if you want to spend it on new clothes, or online shop. Don’t be allured by all the flash. You never know when you might need it.
  17. Set a goal and do your best to accomplish it Lastly, choose one goal that you REALLY want to accomplish. It can be anything as simple as learning how to salsa dance, getting six pack abs, or quitting smoking. Whatever your choice is, stick to it. So that when 2017 comes, you’ll have that goal completed and something new from it.
  18. Take time for yourself If you’re physically exhausted and just can’t hang out with your friends or go out, it’s okay to cancel. You need to take care of yourself and do what you want to do. #TreatYoSelf
  19. Stop chasing and wanting Movies, books, streets, malls, etc. all have one thing in common: love, couples, romance all around. But if you are single stop trying to find Mr. Right or the perfect girl. Let love come to you. Maybe it’s the not right time. For now, make the best of it. When you’re single,  you’re not tied down. You’re free to kiss whoever, and not really obligated to do anything. So out with your friends, live your life, and enjoy. The right person will come into your life somewhere down the line when the times right and it’ll be the best thing ever.  And if you have that f-boy or FWB that’s doing you more bad than good, cut if off. You’ve be able to move forward and focus on things and people that are actually worth the time.tumblr_nkgu6ashke1tr0o2xo1_500
  20. Appreciate yourself you are your own worst enemy. Don’t let anyone get to you. Be happy, confident, bold, and live life the way you want to. Work hard, play hard. Finish up work early so that you have time to do things like you want to do in your free time. Try as hard as you possibly can to get the satisfaction of earning what you are working towards.
  21. Be a friend Be the kind of friend you want to text at 3 am when you’re feeling down because you know they drop everything to help you. Everyone needs someone in their times of need. We’re all going through something, so be that shoulder for someone you care about. Make those that matter a priority in your life, and let them know that you’ve got their back.



It’s okay

“Stop. Look around you, look within yourself, and listen to your heart for once.”

This summer I did a lot of soul searching. I questioned previous decisions, thought of ways to improve, and changed my outlook on life. I realized I needed to be more career oriented, strong, and independent. But most importantly, I needed to live for myself. I needed no one’s approval to do embark on endeavors, or live my life.

I didn’t want drama, and to surround myself with toxic people.I saw this clip of Hillary Duff on The Ellen show and what she said really stuck to me. There was a time in her life where she sat down and thought about who in life was making her better, and who she needed to let go. She later told them face-to-face that she could not be friends with them, and although it was hard, it was the best decision for her. And, I’ve come to realize that if I want to move along life and continue on a path to positivity, I cannot be surrounded by those that demean, gossip, and most importantly hold me down. Being friends on Facebook, and social media are very superficial things to base your friendship off of. They will never be true indicators of how good of friends you are with someone. You know it’s real when you’re not friends with someone in reality, and then you have to part your ways and move forward.

The most important thing I’ve come to learn is that when we put our happiness in other’s, that’s when we lose part of ourselves. That’s the thing that ends up breaking us if something goes wrong. We question ourselves about the pain and wonder if we were the ones that were the cause of it, but that isn’t always the truth. Nice people are the first to get taken advantage of, because people know they can easily hurt them.

So, I focused on myself. I left the pain and hurt behind, and kept myself busy. It’s a very strong thing to come to an understanding with yourself and your goals. If people are putting you down, disrespecting you, and pulling you back from getting ahead, you need to let go. It’s hard, it’s bitchy but distance helps to show how someone truly cares about wanting you in their life.

And after you have lost everything you could possibly lose, you begin to realize that you just really need to start over.  You need to do things for your own happiness whether it means breaking off relationships, pursuing certain goals, and even going on your own spiritual journey. That’s the point where I am right now. I’m still trying to figure myself out, reflecting on past mistakes, and working towards a better spiritual harmony. I want to be content with all that’s around me – my grades, my self (body-image wise), my choices, morals, and decisions. I know the things I will choose for myself will not make a lot of people happy, but at the end, it’s about branching out and liberating yourself. Like Edna Pontellier did in The Awakening, or Miley Cyrus did with well, her life. Learn to live for yourself for a while.

How We Let People Go

Thought Catalog


There is a specific feeling which exists only when you run into someone you had long forgotten about. It’s probably most palpable when it’s an ex, but it can happen with friends who were once particularly close. It is comparable to a scab that seems to have been on your skin forever — a scrape which was once quite painful but has been so long in the healing process that you no longer notice its presence when you wash over it in the shower. You peel it off almost out of boredom and suddenly there is a drop or two of blood, something that vaguely resembles the wound it once was, now too distant to really cause any discomfort. These people are wounds which have healed over, which have never quite turned into scars but which have become just another part of your lived-in body.

Letting someone go —…

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To College, Summer, and a New Start

It’s crazy to see how much I have changed in such a short amount of time. When I look back at high school, I never let myself experience anything too wild. I stayed as I was, as I had always been. And, at that point in time, it was alright because it fitted who I was. But the person I am now is far different from the person I had been; The experiences I have had, the things I have tried, and the people that I have met this year have made this journey of self-discovery, heartbreak, and growth all the more possible.

It’s been a hell of a year, with tons and tons of memorable moments. I’m truly going to reminisce on how great my Freshman year has been. I am really glad I chose to go to UT, to throw myself in a place where I didn’t know anyone. I’m really happy I met people over the summer either through Twitter, Facebook, or even Freshman Support (where I met my roommate). It was a Catfish experience, but not really, because these “followers” I came to meet and know over the course of two semesters were so kind, genuine, and unique. Although Dobie wasn’t the ideal dorming place to live in, my roommates and I built a home out of it. I don’t think I can ever forget all those late nights when our friends came over and we talked until the sun came up. Those pre-games Room 705 hosted and not once did we get caught. These little things have made me learn to accept and embrace new things, something I always cautioned away from.

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22 Things Your Freshman Year of College Teaches You

Lessons Learned & Life Loved

  1. You’ll abuse the new freedom you have. It’s okay.
  2. You’ll mess up and call Dad to fix it. It’s okay.
  3. You’ll spend all of your money on all of the wrong things, and you’ll find outrageous ways to make more money. It’s okay.
  4. You’ll kiss a lot of boys… And most likely regret the majority of them. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, right? It’s okay.
  5. You’ll embarrass yourself and do things that won’t make Mom proud. It’s okay.
  6. You’ll realize Mom is right about everything, and you’ll continue to live your life as if she isn’t, pushing off your final surrender to the inevitable as long as possible. It’s okay.
  7. You’ll lose touch with the people you talked to everyday in high school and keep up with the people you should’ve spent more time with when you had the chance. It’s okay.
  8. You’ll…

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40 Things Every College Girl Needs To Be Reminded Once In A While

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1. The number of weekends you have in college to go out and let loose is not infinite, go out at least once a weekend.

2. So you’ve gained a few pounds? You’re becoming a woman you’re not supposed to look 18 forever.

3. College wouldn’t be college if you got 8 hours of sleep every night. Embrace being tired it means you’re doing something right.

4. Pizza is one of God’s great creations, you’re hurting God’s feelings when you act too good for it.

5. Don’t let one creepy guy form your opinion on an entire fraternity.

6. Do not minimize what a privilege college is. Many people who are capable to be where you are can’t get there for a variety of reasons. Respect your opportunities.

7. Don’t settle for attention from icky guys

8. Don’t settle period.

9. Don’t give up if you’ve…

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Almost is never enough

I’ve always heard that heartbreak is terrible growing up, but I never thought that I’d feel it this fast and this little into college. I guess when I fell, I fell hard. Fast, unrelenting, and whole-heartedly. Because my feelings were strong, and still are. And though those words felt like it was the same way around, maybe…this week has made me realize how I should have taken them with a grain of salt.

I’ve come to learn five lessons from this.

  • One: it’s good to keep your guard up, so you don’t get hurt. When there are so many fish in the sea, you can’t expect guys to get tied down as Freshmen. They aren’t entirely to blame because the idea of being away from home with so many options and peer pressure from friends.  Commitment is something that takes a lot of guts and for some boys, it’s going to take a few years or semesters for them to realize they need to get serious. And that’s completely fine, every man to himself. But just that’s just not what I need right now.
  • Two: you can’t make someone love you, no matter how much they say they “like” you. If they can’t own up to their feelings for you because they’re gonna mess around, then it’s better to move on. Because chances are they “like” everyone else too.
  • Three: Enjoy yourself, your time, and your moments to the best of your ability. The more time you spend thinking about things, the less you will be able to move forward; So go ahead and make memories with those close to you, laugh, cry, and clear your mind and soul.
  • Four: Just because it doesn’t work out with one person, does not mean it won’t work out with anyone. You don’t need someone to make you happy, feel better, or give you comfort. If you’re meant to be with someone, you’ll find them along the way; Just be patient, until then…go with the flow.
  • Five: As Nike once said, “Just do it.” Say what you feel, and do what you want. Keep yourself busy doing the things you love, focus on your goals and dreams, and making the best of yourself and life.

A friend of mine told me that a girl’s life is like a cake. You build the layers with all this effort and then you work on making it pretty. The toppings and decoration come later after you have built a stable foundation. Guys and love are the toppings, and they’ll come along the way, but first you need to focus on making your life great and amazing by focusing on yourself and your dreams. Make the best of yourself, and things will end up working out.

With that said, it’s been a great spring break, and I don’t wanna go to back to tirelessly working. Here is wishing you guys all the best for the upcoming week.

XO, Juhi

When everything changes

When you look back at how things used to be, and wonder why they aren’t the same.

When you miss them, but question if they’ll ever miss you back

When there’s no more longing to see each other

When the same conversations fall short of that spark

When distances grow even as you get closer 

And nothing was ever the same as it was before..



With the new semester hovering above us, there’s excitement, fear, stress, and relief all around us. Just four weeks into school and classes have already started getting tough (midterms and all.) But thankfully, Mother Nature has been blessing us with “snow days” which although have shown no promising signs of snow, have saved us from enduring through classes, taking tests, and catching up on sleep. I don’t know if the next following years will have days like these, but I certainly feel pretty freaking blessed right now. (inserts emoji with the hands and the little light coming out at the top) 

On that note, I’d just like to say that I had been cramming all week for my Biology test tomorrow with less than four hours of sleep a day, but now that school is delayed until 12 (my class is an 8 a.m.), I feel GREAAAAAAT. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to contemplate all the ways I can procrastinate now in celebration. 



XO, Juhi.